cowell village

3D build, landscaping and storytelling project in the online world of Second Life.

The Cowell Village is a location in the ongoing story of the Forest of Kahruvel that takes place on the Second Life mainland. This version of the village existed from 2004-2012.

At its peak, the Forest of Kahruvel included land across six Second Life mainland regions.

An old map created by Salazar Jack’s great grandfather, Phyneas Jack.

Bird’s eye view of the Cowell Village along the southern edge of the Cowell mainland region.

Looking west toward to the old Abbots Aerodrome in the Abbotts region.

Salazar Jack looking east toward the Noyo region.

The canal that runs through the village.

Salazar Jack standing before his great grandmother’s house to the north of the Cowell Village.

Looking east toward the heart of the Forest of Kahruvel, northeast of the village, into the Stinson and Rodeo regions.

Valdora Grayson, Salazar Jack and Cessadia Thetan in the northeast corner of the Forest of Kahruvel.

Salazar Jack flying over the sea, north of the Forest of Kahruvel.